intervista a Zohreh Vahidifard (concorso scultura prima edizione)

intervista a Zohreh Vahidifard (concorso scultura prima edizione) Cominciamo con Zohreh Vahidifard, una serie di interviste dedicate ai protagonisti della prima edizione del concorso di scultura.

La sua opera:

- How did you came to know about our Contest?
- From the internet and I am a member of A.I.E.S.M. Bulletin Competitions and I get the last news of international art from this site

- Do you usually find out about Contest or Collective Exhibition through internet? Are you a user of Facebook or Google Plus or any other social networks?
- Yes and I am a user of Facebook

- Where is your “house” or exhibition place on internet? where do you publish your new creations? Have you ever sold on opera using internet channel?
- Facebook ,and I have not any opportunity to sell my art work from the internet.

- How and when did you start to create art? do you remember your first creation? Have you ever had a teacher/master that is in particular dear to you?
- I started to create my art work from age 15 years and I remember the first of my creation was a painting . and I had some teacher and master.

- Have you attended any master arts school?
- I had certificate and master degree of painting and sculpture .

- Which is the best opera/collection that represents you?
- I represented my sculptor that named fly in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

- Do you like to partecipate to collective exhibitions o do you prefer exhibit solo? Have you got a collective exhibition that you remember with pleasure?
- I like to participate to collective exhibitions' remember that was pleasure for me when I participate in conceptual art in Barge Gallery of Tehran.

- Which sculptor do you admire the most? Have you ever been inspired by some of them?
- I have been inspired from literature of Iran.

- Do you make a living with sculpturing? Or it is only a free time hobby?
- No I am thinking about sculpturing and create innovation of my art work. Because I love art .

- How important is the culture in your country? How much money does your government spend on culture?
- Some times a little.

- What type of materials do you use for your creations? Have you changed over the years or do you have some in particular?
- Iron and Stone and also lighting .I have changed to improve my art works.

- Regarding the opera that you presented at the Museo Pietraia dei Poeti Contest, what inspired you in the creation of this opera?
- That was my honor I succeed to participate in the Museo Pietraia dei Poeti with other artists from other countries.
This my work is sensitive and the totally figure of stones from up inspired from traditional slime of Iran and using of mirror according to make audience participate in my work in order to present different concepts.

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